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Since 1986, our firm has built a strong team of passionate individuals who excel in their work. Our core value is “People,” and we prioritize building relationships, fostering teamwork, and nurturing camaraderie. We value our people as the driving force behind our success, and we take care of them because they take care of our clients.

At KRISHNA BHAKTA & ASSOCIATES, we embrace diversity with colleagues from various faiths and ethnicities. We respect cultural and religious sensitivities in our office interactions, social activities, and outings. We have established a culture of mutual trust and respect, appreciating the unique contributions of each team member.

We understand the challenges of returning to the workforce after a break for family or caregiving. We actively engage lawyers and employees who are parents, offering flexible working arrangements tailored to their needs.


  • Civil litigation lawyer
    Requirements: CLP with at least 2 years exp. Conveyancing clerk.
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